"It's kind of fun to do the impossible!"

**Returning after a 4-year hiatus, led by the original project founder, Cutsceneaddict**

PROJECT: Magic Kingdom Hearts is an annual fan-hosted event for Kingdom Hearts fans at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Come join us with your favorite Kingdom Hearts cosplay or T-shirt, meet other fans, and enjoy the adventure of a Mickey's-Not-So-Scary Halloween event night.

Our vision is to join these two Kingdoms by connecting the hearts of a legion of fans.


All attendants meet at the Ticket and Transportation Center at 3:00pm. Once everyone has arrived, we will board the monorail and enter the Magic Kingdom together.

Want to join in the fun? Then register right away!

Also: Be sure to check out our Guest List to see who's attending, explore our FAQ for all those must-have answers, browse the Schedule of Events we have planned, and read the Our Mission page to learn more about how this movement started, what the event has in store, and how you can be a part.

xemnas and xion.png

Check out the official cosplay music video from the original PROJECT: Magic Kingdom Hearts 2013 event!

Created by Pixie Cosplay and Rurouni Kyle.

Kingdom Hearts 2013 promo video.jpg

The 2013 promo video that started it all! Learn about the event's origin story, mission, and activities--featuring special messages from Kingdom Hearts fans and Mat Kishimoto, the North American Project Manager for Kingdom Hearts.


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